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Managing Editor

Nassar H. S. Haidar
Formerly at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Suffolk University
Boston, MA 02114, U.S.A.
Tel. 221 77 716 81 36


and currently at

CRAMS: Center for Research in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, AUL, Lebanon

Summer  Headquarters of  JNM@S
in Bednayel, near Jupiter’s temple,
of Baalbeck, Mount Lebanon


Editor’s note
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Sample 15 publications of the Managing Editor

[1]  Haidar, N.H.S. On counting by a pair of Fibonacci generated countable sets of irrationals,  Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 42, (2019), 494-503.
[2] Haidar, N.H.S. A Sobolev space approach to Riemann integrability,  Real Analysis Exchange, in press, 2019.
 [3] Haidar, N.H.S. An additive separation of variables 3D solution to a dynamical BVP for neutron cancer therapy, International Journal of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, 9(2), (2019), 140-163.
 [4] Haidar, N.H.S. On dynamical (B/Gd) neutron cancer therapy : accelerator-based single neutron beam, Pacific Journal of Applied Mathematics, 9(1), (2018), 9-26.
 [5] Haidar, N.H.S. Numerical solvability and solution of an inverse problem related to the Gibbs phenomenon, International Journal of  Computational Mathematics, 2015, (2015), ID 212860. 
[6] Haidar, N.H.S. On a finite asymptotic integral transform, Journal of  Inverse & Ill-posed Problems, 19, (2011),  429-451.
[7] Haidar, N.H.S. A geometric note on integration, Computers &  Mathematics  with  Applications, 59 (9), 3130-3136, 2010.
[8] Haidar, N.H.S. On a randomized Romberg integration method, Journal of Numerical Mathematics and Stochstics, 1(1), (2009), 11-23.
[9] Haidar, N.H.S. Oscillatory spherical travelling-wave-type solutions to the cardiac BVP, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, 30 (7–8), (2009), 751–772.
 [10] Haidar, N.H.S., Hamzeh, A.M., Hamzeh S.M., and El-Nakat, E. On martingales invoked by stochastic exponential and monomial densities, Random Operators & Stochastic Equations, 12 (4), (2004), 349-360.
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